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We combine state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure with world-class DevOps service and years of experience to deliver custom-tailored Kubernetes clusters.
Our product aims to help tech companies, developers and data scientists to try their code and apps risk free before launching in production.

"Handsfree" Kubernetes setup!

Free for a period of 3 months!

Free DevOps consultation to get you started.

Scalable with clusters addons - GPUs, RAM, CPUs.

Easy migration to a cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean for infinite scalability.

State-of-the-art hardware in our datacenters locations – US or EU.


Term: 3 months

Cluster Nodes: 3

Datacenters locations: US, EU

LoadBalancer: Included

Free Software Addon: 1

Free DevOps support: 5 hours

Total cluster capacity: 4 CPUs, 10 GB memory, 100GB SSD, 200Mbps connectivity

Private networking



  • GPU node ?
  • CPU node ?
  • Memory node ?
  • SSD shared storage?


  • VPN ?
  • CI/CD (GitLab/Jenkins/GoCD) ?
  • ELK stack ?
  • Grafana and Prometheus ?
  • Orchestration node ?
  • Scheduled backups ?
  • Private Docker registry ?


  • Cross-cloud Kubernetes setup ?
  • Cloud migration ?
  • DevOps-as-a-Service ?
  • Infrastructure-as-code ?
  • Security hardening ?

About Us

We are a young company formed by a group of experienced DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers.
We aim to bridge the gap between software developers and the underlying cloud provider by employing advanced and proven DevOps practices.


Professional DevOps services are provided by our trusted partner – GoToAdmins